About the Mission

Goodwill Evangelical Mission is a Gospel Evangelical mission and body committed to reaching out to the 15 tribes of Liberia in West Africa. Its goals include:

  • Winning souls for the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Discipling new converts for Christ Jesus
  • Planting the Goodwill Evangelical Churches of Liberia
  • Glorifying God in services and duties to humanity

As a Gospel mission committed to soul-winning and discipleship, we currently work in four of the 15 counties of Liberia (Nimba, Bong, Margibi and Montserrado) and intend to extend our mission work in four additional counties (Bassa, River Cess, Bomi and River Gee).

About the National Director

Rev. George Z. Deemie is a Liberian national serving as the national director/overseer of the Liberia Goodwill Evangelical Mission of Liberia. He is happily married and blessed with four lovely children.

He received his B.A. in theology and master’s degrees in public health, community health intervention and primary health care.

He has worked extensively in the health, education, pastoral and environment sectors, with 17 years of vast experience in program circle management and missions and innovative development planning, with an emphasis on under-reached communities.

He is presently working to provide leadership for the missions in Liberia and network with local and international organizations for the common good of achieving the mission’s strategic goal and objectives.

Where We Work: Liberia, West Africa

  • Liberia is located in West Africa and covers a total area of 111.369 kilometers.
  • It has a coastline of 560 kilometers, which receives approximately 400 mm in rainfall largely during the rainy season from May to October.
  • The population currently stands at 3,489,072 and is growing at an annual rate of 2.1% with women accounting for 49.4% of the population.
  • 80% of the population lives below the $1 (U.S.) per-day poverty line.
  • 14% of Liberians suffer severe poverty defined as the proportion of total population lives on less than 50 cents (U.S.) per day.
  • 65 percent of youth are neither in school nor at work, a situation that can lead to frustration, delinquency and social exclusion.

What We Do:

The work of GEM Mission in Africa/Liberia is expressed in the four actions below:

Action #1: National Church Planning Program

The key objective is to reach out to the lost and win and plant Bible-believing churches among the six tribes of Liberia. Strategically, we recruit, train and send out missionaries for short and long-term church planting activities in targeted communities and counties in Liberia.

Action #2: Community Service & Health Outreach Program
The “Kingdom Love Foundation Community Health Center” provides curative and preventive health services to target communities with an emphasis on:

  • Maternal and newborn care
  • Family health education
  • Management and treatment of sexually transmitted infections
  • Expanded program on immunization
  • Treatment of malaria, pneumonia, diarrhea, malnutrition management and other curable diseases
  • Community awareness on HIV/AIDS, malaria, diabetes and hypertension
  • Hygiene promotion through an effective water and sanitation program

Donation in drugs and medical supplies for community health outreach to the poor and needy in rural communities in Liberia is highly appreciated. Our community health center’s objectives include:

  • Providing affordable health care to those without the means or access in Liberia.
  • Immunizing women and children against deadly preventive diseases.
  • Partnering with local communities in the prevention of life-threatening diseases, such as malaria, HIV, diarrhea, diabetes and hypertension.

Action #3: Women & Youth Entrepreneur Development Program
We are developing exciting and valuable programs to help teach entrepreneurial skills. Only 27% of Liberian women are employed, with a greater number of women still unskilled and without employment. This often leads to dissatisfaction, low self-esteem, prostitution, teenage pregnancy and social exclusion. A major cause of youth and women unemployment and inaccessibility to entrepreneurship opportunity is the lack of empowerment through appropriate training. In an attempt to reach out to this target group, the Liberia Goodwill Evangelical Mission works to provide needed sustainable training to women and youth for computer technology, nursing aid positions, tailoring, carpentry, automobile mechanics and generator repairs. Donations of computers, tailoring machines, and generator repair kits are encouraged. A small-scale micro-loan program has been very successful in improving the lives of this target group, especially in rural communities. This initiative enables rural Christian women to join and start small businesses, which eventually grow to become the major source of income for their sustenance. The intention here is to make them self-dependent.

Action #4: National Leadership Development Program
Our Mission seeks to develop and foster leaders who can help solve many of the pressing problems we seek to alleviate. The Liberia Goodwill Evangelical Mission runs a School of Missions and Biblical Studies whose objective is to train men and women with the call of God upon their lives. The school operates a two-year intensive curriculum for pastors and missionaries serving with us and other denominations with similar objectives.

These are GEM Mission’s Ministries in Africa/Liberia:


National Discipleship and Leadership Development

The goals for the GEM Discipleship and leadership Development Ministry are:

  • To facilitate the training of discipleship leads and groups in the context of the local church, for biblically literate and spiritually growth.
  • To make more devoted church leaders and lay members.
  • To educate lay leaders, pastors, and teachers on how to witness about their faith to others and live as disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • To build stronger churches.

These goals are achieved through the conduct of a national wide discipleship and leadership workshops and seminars targeting local churches in Liberia.

Universities Outreach Ministry

  • We share the Gospel with students and develop passionate disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • We serve together with the church and invite students into the lives of local congregations.
  • We give students a vision for serving Jesus Christ in their studies, jobs, communities, and families.
  • We believe that every student needs to hear the Gospel, to be connected to a local church, and to gain a vision for serving Jesus Christ in the world.

GEM places staff on college and university campuses to work with students who have settled for less. GEM staff spend countless hours on campus, build relationships with students, listen to their doubts, and offer them new life in Christ.

As GEM staff:

  • We meet students where they live and walk with them, introducing them to the person of Jesus Christ and sharing His Good News in the context of their everyday lives.
  • We study the Scriptures with students and show them how to lead Bible studies with others.
  • We equip students to share their faith and to invite others into a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

National Pastors Conference

GEM Mission brings together national pastors , international speakers and facilitators  in a formal conference settling for interaction , share and challenge each other in a spirit of Christian love and unity to the glory of Christ. This event which takes place between October 15th and November of every year, is characterized by exhortation, mentoring and crouching, seeks to discuss sensitive theological issues confronting the African church, and challenging its growth and leadership. Key note international speakers travel to Liberia to teach and deliberate on theological theme relevant to the need of the African church, as she strives to serve God in these challenging environments. 

National Indigenous Mission Conference

Missions is the heart of GEM’s ministry in Liberia, in so doing; churches, mission groups, and partners are invited to a three days’ national missions conference to discuss challenges and progress made my indigenous mission efforts in Liberia. Reports are made on people group evangelism, missions technology, tools and new strategic direction are discussed, and develop in addressing emerging theme and circumstances in the national church’s efforts to evangelize Liberia. 

GEM College of Theology and Christian Ministries

GEM College of Theology & Christian Ministries is the educational arm of the Goodwill Evangelical Mission Inc., that seek to prepare men and women professionally in addressing the spiritual, educational, social and developmental needs of Liberia and West Africa. Fundamentally, a Christian community, the College objectives is to develop Christ – centered men and women, with the values, knowledge and skill essential to impacting and transforming their world, and communities.

In the attempt to achieve this objective, the College will prioritize these six imperatives

  • Committing to Excellence

We will emphasize excellence in teaching and learning.

We will foster college –level competencies in communication, information literacy, research and critical thinking

  • Engaging our students to seek positive engagement that:

promotes a Christian worldview that develop a value-driven behavior, and a professional competency with focus on sound scholarship, research and intellectualism.

  • Enable students to enroll in a major field of study in career focused disciplines built on a solid foundation in Christian & Biblical theology, the sciences, and the liberal arts that promote an understanding of the African values ( moral, ethics, especially the importance of communal existence) , contribute to the knowledge and understanding of world cultures , mathematics  , international values and events, encourage commitment to Christian life, value, integrity, social responsibility, and active communication of the Christian faith, that is lives out by faith reflecting a testimony worth of leading people to Jesus Christ as the Lord and savior of all mankind.
  • Serving and transforming poor communities

Being sensitive to the needs of the community around us, the College will seek to prepare servant-leaders characterized by the desire to serve and empower the people around them. An essential principle of servant-leadership is stewardship. This principle promotes an active responsibility toward our world community expressed in the care of what is entrusted to humankind; the whole of creation. This worldview equips our servant-leaders graduates to address spiritual, social, and material poverty in our local and global community, thereby creating positive economic Impact.

  • Capitalizing on technology and supporting educational access

GEM College of Theology and Professional Development will seek to capitalize on technological opportunities that support effective educational access for all students.

Educational Program Objectives:

As a College of Theology and Professional Development, our educational program focuses on professional leadership and skills development that are key to the sustainability of Goodwill Evangelical Mission’s Vision:

“A holistic and dynamic Christ –centered ministry and church empowered to productively serve humanity and community to the glory of Jesus Christ”.

Faithful Men and women called to service are recruited, trained and sent out in their respective communities to do the work of service to the glory of God.

The College runs a one – three years’ module programs for pastors, missionaries, and prospective community leaders in the attempt to equip Christians for holistic ministries. Foundation in Christian education & Biblical theology, the health sciences, and the liberal arts are fundamental to GEM College Program. Prospective students seeking to attend GEM College will have the opportunity to enroll in four different department of disciplines: Public Health & Nursing, General Education and Teaching Practice, Theology and Church Ministries, and Finance & Small Business Entrepreneurship.


At the unset, the College will offer Certificates to Associate Degrees programs for prospective students seeking opportunity and training for effective Christian service and ministries. Gradually, the College will progress to a full degree program with time and capacity.

National Church Planting Ministry

GEM Mission’s key objective is to reach out to the lost, win the soul onto the Lord, and plant Bible-believing churches among the tribes of Liberia. Strategically, GEM Mission recruits, trains and sends out missionaries for short and long-term church planting activities in targeted communities in Liberia.

The goal includes:

  • Winning souls for the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Making disciple of new converts for Christ Jesus
  • Planting the Goodwill Evangelical Churches of Liberia
  • Glorifying God in services and duties to humanity

GEM Mission currently works in 4 of the 15 counties of Liberia (Nimba, Bong, Margibi and Montserrado) and intends to extend its work in four additional counties (Bassa, River Cess, Bomi and River Gee). Goodwill Evangelical Mission has planted 25 rural churches in Liberia, West Africa, and is working to develop national leadership for the Liberia’s church.

Your Donation Can Help GEM Mission Reach Africa

Goodwill Evangelical Mission (GEM) is a faith based missionary organization that depends on God’s people for its ministry support. Your partnership to support is welcomed. 

Jesus Film Legacy Ministry


Goodwill Evangelical Mission is a missionary church planting and faith community empowerment organization established in 2000 with the sole objectives of:

  • Making converts for the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Making disciple of new converts
  • Planting Goodwill Evangelical Churches of Liberia
  • Glorifying God in services and duties to humanity.

In Liberia, GEM Mission recognizes the fact, that the task of indigenous evangelization and mission must fall to Liberians and other Africans. Foreign missionaries had a long, hard, uphill struggle to plant churches in the interior; but disease, language diversity, entrenched fetishism and the disruption of war all hampered the work and eventually drove out all expat workers. Few have returned in the mist of huge developmental and economy challenges. Access road to unreached communities hinders ministry and relief activities. National mission leadership is making progress in missions’ advocacy among churches, and in researching the nation’s current status in terms of evangelization.

Christian help ministries are essential in this land of great spiritual hunger, great spiritual needs, but few material resources:

  1. Bible translation and distribution ministries were gravely disrupted. The Bible Society and Lutheran Bible Translators projects have recommenced; 12 projects are active but another four languages have definite Bible translation needs. The completion in 2005 of the Bassa Bible (Liberia’s second largest indigenous language) was a major achievement. However, availability and cost of distribution the new Testament Bibles to rural community is still a major challenge at all fronts.
  2. Christian literature. Many pastors and Christians have lost all they owned, and there is a great lack of Bibles, New Testaments and Christian literature, and few available bookstores. Literacy is also a huge challenge in this country where almost a whole generation never had a proper chance to learn to read. There is a huge need for helpful Christian literatures, books, reference books, preaching tips, study materials, personal library resources to help enhance the ministry of national pastors, especially rural pastors serving in critical environments in Liberia.
  3. The JESUS film has been viewed by the majority of the population and continues to have a converting impact on the tribes, including Muslims. It is available in 13 languages; six more are in production. The Jesus film is a great asset for rural ministry in Liberia. The need for more equipment to reach out to deep rural forest inhabitants can never be over emphasized.
  4. GRN audio recordings are being used in 67 languages and dialects. These are essential for low-literacy contexts and oral learners. The is a challenge of getting these recordings for ministry.
  5. Christian radio. SIM’s Radio ELWA might still be Africa’s best known station, despite being evacuated four times and destroyed twice during the wars. ELWA has been resurrected, with eight hours daily in English and with broadcasts in nine Liberian languages, and plans for three more. Other local stations include Worship FM and a station by the Christian Education Foundation of Liberia as well as a station planned by the Assemblies of God and United Methodist Church. However, national courage through radio is still a challenge, as most station maintained FM waves, and unable to reach greater population especially those that dwell in rural Liberia.

In the mist of these challenges, the Goodwill Evangelical Mission is determined, with partnership and support from God’s people; to reach the rural tribes of Liberia, in their own local environment and context, with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

As a result of this determination, the Goodwill Evangelical Mission in the month of June, 2019 developed a Five Year Strategic Evangelism and Missions Plan, with a goal of effectively conducting a mass evangelism and church planting campaign targeting rural villages and towns in Liberia. The strategy which is called the Jesus Film Legacy Project takes into consideration the overall objectives for Goodwill Evangelical Mission (GEM) establishment.

Strategy Goal:

To expose 2.5 million people in Liberia to the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the use of the Jesus Film Equipment.


  1. Seek opportunities through the power of the Holy Spirit to convert unbelievers in target community to Jesus Christ.
  2. Plant Bible believing and Christ- centered churches in target communities, in Liberia.
  3. Make disciples of new converts to be effective witness of Jesus Christ and,
  4. Develop faithful national leadership to continue the work of ministry in Liberia

Strategic Framework

Jesus Film Legacy Project mapped out the Country Liberia into four major regions.  Position Jesus Film Team to each region with the responsibility to exhaustively project the Jesus film in towns and villages simultaneously in assigned region. Each Film Team comprises of three members to include one equipment technician, one salvation counselor and one discipleship mentor.

Urgent Ministry Needs

To successfully implement the Jesus Film Legacy Project, a full sets of Jesus Film Equipment will be needed, one for each of the 15 counties of Liberia. 45 men will be recruited, trained in handling the new film technology, and positioned in the four regions (three per each county), four pickup trucks will be needed for rural transportation, and reoccurring expenses for cars maintenance. Additionally, a US $50.00 allowance per team member per month will be needed to support a team member.

Your Donation Can Help GEM Mission Reach Africa

Goodwill Evangelical Mission (GEM) is a faith based missionary organization that depends on God’s people for its ministry support. Your partnership to support is welcomed.

Women’s Ministry

Goal: The Goal of GEM Women Ministry is to encourage spiritual growth, improvement in physical health, fostering of friendship, and to provide the opportunity for women to help in the spiritual and physical development of their community


Spiritual Growth

Encourage the spiritual development of women in target communities by organizing workshops, and training seminars for women group aimed at building them for spiritual growth and development.  Women are encouraged to study notable women in the Bible and the contributions these ladies made to ministry, such as Phoebe, who was a deaconess and assisted Paul in his ministry, or Priscilla, a co-pastor with her husband Agrippa at the church of Ephesus.

Improvements in Health

Encourage women to seeking and achieving their best health to fulfill their practical and spiritual obligations.  3 John 1:2: “Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well” (NIV).

Fostering Friendships

Encourage women to standing together in prayers and emotional support for each other by establishing meaningful friendships within their church and community. Proverbs 27:17: “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another” (NIV). Several social events are organized a year to give the ladies ample time to get to know each other and develop genuine connections.

Helping the Community

Remind the women about the ministry of James 1:27: “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world” (NIV). This verse suggests that displaying one’s Christianity means helping those in need.

Your Donation Can Help GEM Mission Reach Africa

Goodwill Evangelical Mission (GEM) is a faith based missionary organization that depends on God’s people for its ministry support. Your partnership to support is welcomed.

Youth and Students Ministry

Goal is to empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today. GEM Youth and Students Ministry will help young people learn what it means to follow Jesus Christ and to live as his disciples today, empowering them to serve others and to work toward a world built on the visions and values of the reign of God. Encourage the spiritual development of youth in target communities by organizing workshops, and training seminars for youth group aimed at building them for spiritual growth and development.

You Can Help GEM Mission Reach Africa

Goodwill Evangelical Mission (GEM) is a faith based missionary organization that depends on God’s people for its ministry support. Your partnership to support is welcomed.

Children’s Ministry

GEM Children Ministry targets and trains local church children’s ministry leaders through workshops and seminars. The sole purpose of this action is to help a child know that God is real and that a personal relationship with Him gives meaning to life. Children ministry leads trained are therefore expected to:

  • aid each child in accepting Jesus Christ as savior and developing a dynamic relationship with him.
  • help each child develop a lifestyle that is built on his/her relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • help each child understand that God’s Word (the Bible) is relevant and that growth in Bible knowledge results in positive changes in attitudes, action and life-style.
  • help the child grow in his/her relationships with other believers and with his/her non-churched friends.
  • provide children the opportunity and direction to participate in ministry.
  • support the family in their responsibility for the spiritual nurture and growth of their child.
  • To be Godly teachers who serve as positive role models while they minister with children. 

Evangelistic Outreach Campaign

GEM Evangelistic outreach campaign targets unsaved communities for mass Gospel evangelism. These events and meetings are planned and implemented for the purpose of preaching the Gospel of Christ to cities, towns and villages and giving every man the opportunity to hear the Gospel of Salvation.

GEM Mission has developed an evangelism system that works strategically, consistently, and on multiple levels to present the gospel. This system include special events, walks, crusade, revival meetings, community coffee house meeting, groups fellowships, radio programs and peer group discussion with focus on sharing Jesus Christ as lord and savior of mankind.

National Men Fellowship

In an effort to restore dignity and biblical integrity to family, GEM Mission brings community men together for a weekly Saturday early morning coffee fellowship to discuss scriptures, prayer for each other, the community and family, and encourage each other in the Lord. Holding fellow men accountable and supporting each other in love to the glory of Christ, characterizes the chief objective of GEM National men fellowship. Community men’s fellowship leads are also train and provided resources to serve fellow men in such capacity.

A Call to Improve Our Transport Logistics

The mission is very proud of its truck which helps deliver medicines and donations of drugs and medical supplies for community health outreach to the needy in the rural communities in Liberia. This one vehicle delivers its services to more than 45 communities in four counties in Liberia.

The Liberia Goodwill Evangelical Church also depends on this one used pickup vehicle to transport missionaries, training and outreach materials, and sometimes construction material to missions sites.

However, the demand on this one and only vehicle most often creates very serious delays in the timely implementation of its monthly activities, especially when down for repair.

The need for additional transport logistics and support to enhance the timely delivery of our missionary services to target communities can never be over-emphasized. Your contributions will truly help.


How Your Donations Will Help

The Liberia Goodwill Evangelical Mission is a faith-based Christian movement that depends on people of goodwill, churches and the global Christian community for support in reaching the lost souls for Christ. Your contributions or donation in cash or kind can help buy fuel for our outreach vehicle, put food on the table of a missionary family, provide drugs for the mission’s medical outreach program and, better still, help us reach lost souls in Liberia.

If you are moved by God’s love for the lost souls in Africa/Liberia and intend to partner with the Liberia Goodwill Evangelical Mission in reaching the lost, you can be a partner in kind, in prayer, in time and by contributions.

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Emergency Needs Announcements

GEM Mission would like to invite you to help keep GEM Health Service open in rural Liberia. Donations will be used to buy medicine and medical supplies to aid women and children in need.

Goodwill Evangelical Mission runs the Kingdom Love Foundation Community Health Center in Ganta City, Liberia to address the health needs of vulnerable women and children who can’t afford the very high cost of primary health care in target communities. The health center was established in 2002 as a service free facility to provide charity services comprising of over 100 catchment communities. Since its inception, the health center has been providing desperately needed health services to a large population that is unable to afford the escalating costs of medical treatment. The health center has continued interceding for those less fortunate by administering curative and primary health care, maternal child health treatment, health education and treatment, immunization, and HIV/AIDS counseling and awareness. In addition, the health center is committed to the training of local health workers within the community. Specific objectives of the health program are:

  1. To provide low and affordable health care to those without the means or access in rural Liberia
  2. To immunize women and children against deadly preventive diseases
  3. To create awareness and educate the local community on the dangers of and protection against HIV/AIDS and STDs, and provide primary health care services
  4. To partner with local communities and international donors in the prevention of life threatening diseases, such as malaria and diarrhea through the establishment of a safe water and sanitation facility.

Recent community health data reports that malaria, diarrhea, cholera, and other easily preventable diseases continue to claim the lives of hundreds of women and children in target communities each month as a result of limited opportunity to primary health service. With the help of GEM – KL Foundation Health Center, people can get the help they need desperately. Your kind contribution and donation or assistance of any amount can help keep the door of this Health Center open to this community and help to stop the death of so many people due to preventable diseases.

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Donate to Medical Outreach

Help GEM Mission Buy Projectors & Evangelistic Outreach Equipment

The Goodwill Evangelical Mission (GEM) is urgently in need of Jesus Film Ministry projectors, equipment, and a pickup truck to effectively evangelize its target communities in Liberia, West Africa. GEM is a faith-based missionary organization working in Liberia, West Africa – doing evangelism, church planting, discipleship, and church leadership development with emphasis on a Christ-centered church ministry. GEM uses film projectors to show the Jesus film to rural communities in their local languages. Currently, we are raising money to buy sets of projectors and equipment from the Renew Outreach Ministry (renewoutreach.org). We are in need of six sets of projectors along with accessories. Your kind contribution will help us reach communities with the love of Jesus Christ.

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